Rock analysis laboratory

This laboratory incorporates a broad set of highly specialized equipment for the characterization of soil and rock cores sampled and recovered from the wells. Its main purpose is to provide high quality experimental data useful for exploration and reservoir studies, combined with other disciplines for geological characterization and modeling.

The experimental set-up of the lab enables a wide range of analytical characterizations including:

  • soil analysis ranging from basic classification (granulometric distribution, bulk and grain density, water content, Atterberg limits) to mechanical characterization of soils (oedometric, direct shear and triaxial testing);
  • rock mechanics testing for the investigation of the mechanical behavior of reservoir rocks, under overburden in-situ conditions, in terms of elastic parameters and compressive strength by means of unconfined uniaxial testing and triaxial testing in Hoek cells;
  • routine core analysis for the determination of key parameters that characterize the porous medium (porosity, fluids saturation and absolute permeability), which are at the basis of petrophysical description of reservoir;
  • petrographic analysis for a detailed evaluation of rock microstructure and mineralogical composition.