• How can I send you my CV?

    To send us your application you must go through our recruitment system here.

  • Which are the profiles are you most looking for?

    Edison has numerous key positions along the entire energy supply chain, from hydrocarbons E&P, the generation and delivery of electricity - either from conventional or renewable sources - to the sale of energy and gas to end markets and energy efficiency services.

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  • Where can I find the available job positions?

    You can find the available job positions here

  • What are the work-life balance conditions and benefits in Edison?

    Flexible working hours, healthcare assistance and medical prevention campaigns, family benefits and support for sustainable mobility are all some of the ways we help our people improve their health and quality of life.

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  • What are the opportunities for students and graduates?

    We support the induction of high school graduates, degree graduates and undergraduates into the various professional areas through the “Young Community” programme.

    We also offer internships and the opportunity to do a degree thesis on topics of interest in business and innovation.

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  • How can I contact the Human Resources?

    You can contact Barbara Terenghi or Stefania Battaglino at:

    Tel. +39 02 6222.1  

    Fax. +39 02 6222.8366 
    E-mail selezione@edison.it