EPS Edison Volta Award

Edison and Alessandro Volta Foundation, in partnership with the European Physical Society, awarded the excellence of physics.

The EPS - Edison - Volta European Physics Award, now in its fifth edition, has celebrated the winners of this year at Teatro Sociale - Como.

European Award for Physics

The EPS - Edison - Volta Award collects the legacy of the Francesco Somaini Award for Physics, an Italian politician and entrepreneur to whom we owe the collection of memorabilia and writings of Alessandro Volta.

In 2012 Edison, along with the Alessandro Volta Foundation of Como and the European Physical Society, decided to give the honor an international dimension in order to take over its cultural and scientific heritage.

The award winners around the world:
4 in France, 3 in Italy, 2 in Germany, 1 in UK, 1 in US, 1 in Indonesia



Edison Scholarship

The contest, organized in memory of Francesco Somaini, aims to reward and encourage physics studies in Italy.

The grant is intended for a young researcher to complete an internship at a foreign university and conduct research in physics, with particular regard to energy issues.

Italian citizens and Swiss citizens from Canton of Ticino can take part in the contest.

James Hough, winner of the Physics European Prize EPS-Edison-Volta 2018

The physicist and winner of the EPS-Edison-Volta award tells us about the research he did with his team and how it can disrupt the astrophysics sector.

Guido Menichetti, researcher and winner of the Edison Scholarship

The young researcher Guido Menichetti tells us how, thanks to the Edison Scholarship, he could complete an internship in a foreign university to carry out a study on 2D materials properties, like graphene, in order to develop new devices for energy storage.

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Project partners

Alessandro Volta Foundation

The Foundation was created to promote university, higher education and culture and is dedicated to the famous Italian physicist, known to history for his studies on electrical phenomena, on the origin of methane gas and for inventing the battery.
It was precisely this latest contribution that earned Alessandro Volta the appointment by Napoleon Bonaparte, among the various honours, as Knight of the Legion of Honor.


European Physical Society

It was established in 1968 in order to promote physics and physicists in Europe. It includes national physical societies from 42 countries, around 2,500 individual members and several European research institutes.
One of its main activities is organizing international conferences.