Energy storage laboratory

Laboratorio Stoccaggio Energia

The Energy Storage Laboratory is dedicated to testing and proving the performances of commercial energy storage systems and their compatibility with the utility grid.Dynamic stress tests are carried out on single commercial modules and complete systems to analyze their electrical behavior and life expectancy while cycling under simulated operating conditions.

Among various technologies currently available on the market, Li-ion and Na/NiCl2 batteries have been identified as the most promising ones by virtue of their high specific energy, very rapid response time and high adaptability to practically any power and energy requirement.

A test bench provided with remotely programmable DC load (400 V/40 A) is dedicated to basic electric characterization in order to assess modules behavior from an electrochemical point of view and assess the reliability of the management logics implemented by battery suppliers. A second test bench equipped with a 30-kW bidirectional inverter is intended for cycling tests reproducing real applications profiles in order to track the main electrical parameters evolution and assess performance degradation over time.

The research focuses on small scale stationary applications, enabling services for energy management and efficiency improvement at customers’ site. A real application case is demonstrated in the pilot installation of a Li-ion based commercial unit connected to a 3-kW BIPV glass. This residential-size test facility simulates the typical customers’ power consumption through a programmable load. Its task is to demonstrate the feasibility of operating a storage system to optimize self-consumption of distributed renewable generation.