Edison Plug&Go   
Our solution to your e-mobility needs

Italy's consumers are more and more oriented towards a sustainable daily routine.

Edison Plug&Go is the answer to your e-mobility needs.


Electric cars: the scenario

In Italy one motorist out of three willing to change car within 3 years is oriented to purchasing electric or hybrid plug-in cars. The choice is made by the willing in sustainable lifestyle, the ability to access non-traffic zones, a lower cost per kilometer, and for maintenance. 


Edison Plug&Go allows customers to recharge their electric car at their workplace, in-home, or out of home, with top-notch and sustainable solutions.

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Edison Plug&Go

Edison’s solution for electric mobility includes a vast choice of cars available. It’s leasing formula represents a comfortable choice, with full economic and environmental sustainability.

Our offer also includes wall box installation, a geolocalizing app to find distributing columns and recharge is free in the first year through offer Edison World Luce.


Our e-mobility solutions

 Edison selected AutoRevol as a priviledged partner, a startup in automotive distribution. Clients from AutoRevol, can extend service choice with offers from Edison Energia. 

Users from AutoRevol.com interested in a new electric or hydrid plug-in car can purchase a Edison Plug&Go and have their e-car wallbox installed at home.

Moreover, customers receive credits to charge their e-car in recharge points out of home, with the possibility to choose a home offer from Edison Energia for electricity and/or gas, according to their consumption requirements.