Edison launches the first small-scale LNG integrated logistic chain that will make heavy-duty tranport and maritime transport sustainable

Edison and PIR (Petrolifera Italo Rumena) create the new company, Depositi Italiani GNL, to build in Ravenna the first coastal LNG deposit with an annual handling capacity of more than 1 million cubic metres of liquefied gas for an investment of 100 million euros.

 At the same time, Edison announces an agreement with Knutsen for the construction of a vessel that will transport the LNG to the deposits.

Milan, November 30, 2018 – Edison is launching the first small-scale LNG integrated logistic chain in Italy (small-scale liquefied natural gas plants) with a sustainable mobility development plan in the transportation sector, both for heavy-duty and maritime transport, contributing to the achievement of the European targets for the CO2 reduction and to lower other emissions and particulates. Edison has announced the establishment, together with PIR (Petrolifera Italo Rumena), of Depositi Italiani GNL, the new company (51% PIR, 49% Edison) that will construct the deposit at the port of Ravenna for an investment of 100 million euros.

The deposit, which will start to operate in 2021, will have a storage capacity of 20,000 cubic metres of LNG and will handle more than 1 million cubic metres of liquefied gas a year, making LNG available in Italy to fuel at least 12,000 trucks and up to 48 ferries a year.

Edison will build the deposit and use 85% of its capacity (the remaining 15% will be sold to third parties by Depositi Italiani GNL).

“We are proud to announce these agreements, which consolidate our role as the leading LNG importer in Italy,” said Marc Benayoun, Edison’s Chief Executive Officer. “Not only are we guaranteeing the country a new source of LNG supply by creating a new infrastructure, but we are also contributing to build a future of sustainable energy, enabling the achievement of the targets set by COP21, DAFI European directive and National Energy Strategy, thanks to the reduction of emissions produced by maritime and heavy-duty transport that this new fuel makes possible.

“PIR is enthusiastic about the prospects for the LNG development and the deposit project,” said Guido Ottolenghi, PIR’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is a great opportunity for the country and the port of Ravenna and a new and stimulating technological and operational frontier for fuels’ logistic. We are confident that the initiative will bring development to our area and Italy.”

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