Edison explores the future of the home at the exhibition “999. A collection of questions on contemporary living” at the “Triennale Design Museum” of Milan

Edison, partner “Architecture” of the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, places the concept of home and living at the centre of an exhibition project developed by Stefano Mirti. An idea that has traditionally characterised the company since its early experimentations, at the beginning of the 20th century, with the Electric House inspired by Giò Ponti and built by Gruppo 7, and now continuing with the recent advent of the smart home.

Milan, 11th January 2018 – Edison, partner “Architecture” of the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, places the concept of home and living at the centre of an exhibition curated by Stefano Mirti and entitled “999. A Collection of Questions on Contemporary Living”, which will be hosted from 12th January to 2 April 2018 at the Triennale Design Museum. The exhibition explores the meaning of home and the interaction between the physical world and the intangible world of digital technologies and energy, where the visitor is invited to experience the transformations of living spaces.

The commitment to the smart design of homes is deeply rooted in the tradition of both the company and Italian architecture. Edison is aware that the homes where it brings its electricity become an ideal place for experimenting with innovative technologies and new design solutions. That is how in 1930, drawing inspiration from a project developed by Giò Ponti, Edison supported the creation of the Electric House by Gruppo 7, which is one of the first examples of rationalistic architecture in Italy. The project, which was presented at the 4th Triennial Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Industry of Monza, was an enormous success, and in 1932 was included among the most interesting architectural works of that period in Europe and the United States by the Museum of Modern Art of New York.

From the electric home to the smart home, Edison has been constantly focused on everyday living. In 2017, Edison developed offerings based on IOT, the Internet Of Things, i.e. objects connected to the Web, and presented its unique project of smart home: Edison Smart Living. A user-friendly auto-installing system that, using smart energy, turns any home into a modern living space, tailored to the needs of those who live in it every day. Moreover, in 2017 Edison added a series of services that are part of Edison World: My Sun and Casa Relax, for instance, provide sustainable energy and prevent electrical and gas system failures, taking all worries away.

999. A collection of questions on contemporary living is an opportunity to meet industry experts, designers, architects and the entire community, and plan together the house of the future, with the solutions that best meet people’s actual needs.




Edison is a leading Italian and European player in the procurement, production and sale of electricity, in the provision of energy and environmental services also through its subsidiary Fenice and in the E&P sector. Founded over 130 years ago, Edison has contributed to the electrification and development of Italy. It now operates in Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean area, employing 5,000 people. In the power generation sector, Edison has plants with total capacity of 6.5 GW.


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