Bèatrice Bigois

Born in Talence, France, on May 20, 1969.

1986-89 Scientific preparation for engineering schools.

1989-92 Ecole Polytechnique - Theoretical Physics (2nd year) and Economics (3rd year).

1992-94 Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées - Economics, Finance and Applied Mathematics.


Professional Experience

  • Since 1994: EDF
  • Sept. 94 - May 99: EDF, Finance Department, Financial Strategy Division
  • Risk analyst: debt management, ALM, country-risk management
  • June 99 - end 02: secondment to London Electricity Plc, Optimisation & Trading Department
  • Power purchaser (06/99 - 06/00): procurement of power for LE customers.
  • Head of Energy Risk Management (07/00 - 12/02): in charge of the development and implementation of risk policies and risk controls over the energy trading activities; in charge of credit risk management, demand forecasting methods and systems developments, and energy reporting; secretary to the Market Risk and Credit Risk Committees.
  • Jan. 03 - Feb. 06: EDF, Asset Optimisation Department
  • Head of Market Operations (01/03 - 08/04): in charge of the development of market based transfer pricing to the Customer Branch and execution of market hedges with EDF Trading
  • Head of Portfolio Optimisation and Hedging (09/04-02/06): responsible for the optimisation of EDF portfolio of assets in France on the medium term, the nuclear and fossil fuel plants maintenance planning, the management of fossil fuel procurement, the hedging activities and the management of the French VPPs.
  • March 06 - Sept. 08: secondment to EDF Trading Markets Ltd, Paris./li>
  • Deputy Head, then Head of the Paris Branch of EDFT: set up and management of the branch.
  • Oct. 08 - Dec 13: secondment to EDF Trading Ltd, London.

    Chief Financial Officer of EDF Trading: in charge of Market Risk, Credit Risk, Finance, Tax, Treasury, Internal Control, Contracts & Settlements and IT.

    Member of the Board of Directors of EDF Trading and EDF Trading Markets Ltd

  • Jan 14 – Dec. 19: secondment to EDF Energy. Managing Director, Customers: in charge of wholesale optimisation, B2C & B2B retails activities.

    Member of the Board of Directors of EDF Energy Services Limited (2016-2019), EDf Energy Customers Ltd (2014-2019), Hoppy Limited (2017-2019), EDF Pulse Croissance Holding (2017-2019) and Hime Saur (October 2016-December 2018).

  • Since Jan 20 Chief Executive of EDF Trading.

    Oversees all commodity trading activities of EDF Group


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