Publication dates of the documents for the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting

With regard to the items on the Agenda for the Shareholders’ Meeting of April 02, 2019, the following documents will be made available to the public at the Company’s registered office, on this website  and on the authorized Storage System by the dates listed below:

  • Motions for resolutions of the Board of Directors on the first (Financial statements as of December 31, 2018), second (allocation of net profit for the year 2018) and third (Consultation on “Section One” of the Compensation Report) items of the agenda by March 2, 2019;
  • The Explanatory Report and the motion of the Board of Directors on the items concerning the Appointment of the Board of Directors, by March 2, 2019;
  • The Financial Report, together with the Report of the Statutory Auditors, the Reports of the Independent Statutory Auditors, the Report on Corporate Governance and the Company’s Ownership Structure and the Consolidated non-Financial Statement, by March 11, 2019 ;
  • The Compensation Report, by March 11, 2019;
  • The names of the candidates for appointment to the Board of Directors, accompanied by the documents required by the Bylaws, as soon as possible;
  • The schedules providing the financial highlights of the most recent financial statements of consolidated subsidiaries and affiliated companies, as well as a full copy of the most recent financial statements of the companies not included in the scope of consolidation, by March 18, 2019 (available only at the Company’s registered office);
  • An overview of the results of the votes cast for the items on the Agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting, by April 5, 2019;
  • The minutes of the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, by May 2, 2019.

Shareholders, as well as those, if different, who are entitled to take part at the Shareholders’ Meeting, have the right to consult all of the abovementioned documents on file at the Company’s registered office and obtain a copy of those documents.

Additional information is available from the Corporate Affairs by calling the telephone numbers +39.02.62227465, +39.62227514 or +39.02.62227985.

2019 Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

Milano - April 02, 2019