Edison continues and reinforces its ties with the Venice Biennale and implements a sustainable energy project at the Corderie dell’Arsenale

Edison continues and reinforces its ties with the Venice Biennale

Edison, which in 2018 committed itself to a virtuous path towards sustainability and the efficient use of resources together with the Venice Biennale, is back to support the 17th International Architecture Exhibition “How will we live together?” with its energy and has completed energy efficiency improvement operations at the Corderie dell’Arsenale, thanks to which the building’s electricity consumption has been reduced by over 70% and 22 tons less of CO2 have been emitted into the atmosphere per year.

Venice, April 12, 2021 - Edison reinforces its ties with the Venice Biennale and its city, supporting the 17th International Architecture Exhibition “How will we live together?”, providing, for the second edition, its energy to one of the most prestigious and important cultural events in the world. Energy and its use are one of the fundamental elements of architecture and contemporary living. Edison provides the Exhibition and the host City of Venice with its outstanding expertise through concrete energy efficiency improvement measures, such as the solution implemented in the historic fourteenth-century Corderie dell’Arsenale in 2020.

We are honoured to continue our collaboration with the Venice Biennale. Today, more than ever, the pandemic crisis teaches us that sustainable development, efficient use of resources, and architecture are closely linked. We constantly strive to engage in dialogue with those who conceive, design and manage facilities and functions,” comments Nicola Monti, CEO of Edison. “This is why we want to continue to play our part and support the debate on the central values of architecture, as well as the real and lasting contribution architecture makes towards the well-being of people in their everyday lives.

In 2018 Edison carried out an innovative energy diagnosis of the event’s most energy-intensive and high-impact facilities in order to identify ways of improving energy use thanks to the IoT and advanced modelling techniques. Edison’s high-efficiency solution applied in 2020 to the Corderie dell’Arsenale significantly reduces energy consumption at the facility. The project preserves the original industrial aesthetics of this splendid fourteenth-century building consisting of a 320 metre-long body divided into three naves, each with two rows of columns supporting two galleries covering the side naves, once used for spinning ropes. The adopted solution leads to a reduction of over 70% in electricity consumption and avoids the emission of 22 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

Edison is taking part in the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, providing smart stations equipped with energy recharging points and free WiFi so that visitors can relax and recharge their batteries in a sustainable way.

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