Montemignaio Wind Farm (AR)

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The wind farm is located on the Pratomagno mountain ridge (which divides the areas of Casentino and Valdarno in Tuscany), within the municipality of Montemignaio, roughly 9 km south of the residential area, at an altitude varying from 1400 m to 1500 m above sea level.

The Montemignaio wind farm, which has been operating since August 2001, is equipped with 3 triblade wind turbines with a unitary capacity of 0.6 MW, adding up to a total installed capacity of 1.8 MW. 

The electricity produced by each wind turbine is collected at Medium Voltage by means of an underground cable network, and is then transmitted to the service drop (20kV) by means of an underground duct. 

Main features

Montemignaio (AR)
1,8 MW