Eastmed pipeline

The Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed) pipeline project relates to an offshore/onshore natural gas pipeline, directly connecting East Mediterranean resources to Greece via Cyprus and Crete that could: i) enhance Europe’s gas security of supply via diversification of counterparts, routes and sources; ii) develop EU indigenous resources such as the offshore gas reserves around Cyprus and Greece; and iii) promote the development of a South Mediterranean Gas Hub.

The project is currently designed to transport initially 10 Bcm/y (billion cubic meters of gas per year) from the off-shore gas reserves in the Levantine Basin (Cyprus and Israel) into Greece and, in conjunction with the Poseidon and IGB pipelines, int to Italy and other South East European countries. Furthermore, the pipeline would allow to feed Cyprus internal consumption with additional 1 Bcm/y.

It is under development by IGI Poseidon S.A. a company equally owned by DEPA S.A. and Edison International Holding (100% Edison S.p.A.).


For more information http://www.igi-poseidon.com/en/eastmed