Edison is Europe’s oldest energy company, and one of the industry leaders in Italy and Europe. Today we operate in 10 countries around the world and have a staff over 3,000 people [12.31.2015] in our two main areas of business: electric power and hydrocarbons exploration and production (natural gas and crude oil). Since 2012 we've been part of EDF (Electricité de France) group, which holds 99.483% of the shares. Edison is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange exclusively with its saving shares.

Our main activities

Electric power
In the electric power business, Edison has a fleet of highly efficient facilities with a diversified production mix ranging from combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants to hydroelectric stations, wind farms, and solar and biomass systems. Energy production activities are located in Italy and Greece and in both countries, we are the second biggest energy producer. Thanks to 18.5 TWh of electricity produced in 2015, we cover 6.8% of the power generation market in Italy.

In the hydrocarbons business, Edison operates in Italy, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America, where it holds licenses for the exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil. Thanks to 12.7 billion of cubic metres of gas imported in 2015, we cover 21% of the Italian total gas imports.

Power and natural gas sales
In Italy we sell power and natural gas packages to business and residential customers.  

Energy services

We provide our customers with innovative energy efficiency solutions.

Gas infrastructures
We are also committed to developing gas import infrastructures for Italy and Europe, and through our subsidiaries we manage regulated activities (gas transport, storage and distribution).

Energy trading

We operate on the markets with energy trading activities.