ITGI: Turkey - Greece - Italy Gas Pipeline


ITGI (Interconnector Turkey-Greece-Italy) is the new European gas infrastructure which will enable to open the so called “Southern Gas Corridor” by connecting the Caspian and Middle East areas, where 20% of world’s gas reserves are located, to Italy and Europe through Turkey and Greece.

The pipeline will have a transport capacity of up to 10 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year.

the route

The project comprises the following pipeline sections:

  • Turkish grid, which will be upgraded in order to enable the transit of gas volumes for Italy and Greece
  • ITG (Interconnector Turkey-Greece) which is in operation since November 2007 and has a transport capacity of about 11.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year
  • IGI (Interconnector Greece-Italy) project with a transport capacity of about 9 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year. IGI pipeline will be 800 kilometres long and includes:
    IGI Onshore: 600 km onshore pipeline in the Greek territory (to be developed by Desfa, the Greek Transmission System Operator);
    IGI Poseidon: 200 km offshore pipeline across the Ionian Sea (under development by IGI Poseidon SA, a joint venture between Edison and the Greek company Depa).

greece - bulgaria pipeline

ITGI project also includes a pipeline between Greece and Bulgaria through IGB (Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria) with a transport capacity of 3 to 5 billion cubic metres per year. The pipeline will connect Komotini in Greece to Stara Zagora in Bulgaria and will be about 170 kilometres long. It will be developed by an Asset Company equally owned by IGI Poseidon SA and Bulgarian Energy Holding.


The EU acknowledged ITGI as a Project of European Interest and included it among the Southern Gas Corridor Projects of the European Recovery Plan with a 100 million Euro financing. The IGB pipeline was included in the same plan with 45 million Euro financing.

benefits of ITGI

The completion of the ITGI pipeline and of its spur to Bulgaria (IGB) will enable to:

  • Diversify supply routes for Italy and Europe
  • Enhance supply security in Southern East Europe (through Greece and Bulgaria) and in other European countries (through Italy).
  • Implement solidarity mechanisms in eastern Europe in case of supply interruption thanks to the connection to the multiple gas import routes Italy has and to the wide storage capacity towards these markets.

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