In August and October 2016, several seismic events hit central Italy, particularly the municipalities of Accumoli, Amatrice and Arqui del Tronto and the area straddling three regions: Umbria, Lazio and Marche.

Edison decided to take action to help the people affected.

This was made possible thanks to collaboration with the Lazio regional authorities and emergency services.

Edison devised a plan to alleviate the emergency, including:

  • donation of three structures for use as housing (municipalities of Amatrice and Accumoli);
  • free lighting for four Christmas trees in the municipality of Amatrice (district of Torrita and Sommati);
  • supply of general foodstuffs for the canteens;
  • employee fundraising drive for Save the Children to build a recreational/educational centre for children in Amatrice;
  • launch of special Earthquake Reconstruction category as part of the Edison Pulse awards. The category aims to support protection, prevention and promotion of projects in the areas affected by the earthquake, including any production chains hit.

Edison's efforts will continue throughout 2017 with a series of more long-term project whose objective is to help with the reconstruction effort. The company will work in close collaboration with local institutions and charities operating on the ground by supporting volunteering projects and entrepreneurial initiatives coming out of the affected areas.

SITICIBO, a project with the Banco Alimentare

Active since 2009, this project collects extra food from Edison’s canteen and redistributes it to Milan soup kitchens through the Fondazione Banco Alimentare's food bank network.

On a daily basis, a few Edison employees volunteer to collect and sort the extra food. Over the years, Edison has donated a cooling van to the food bank to safely store the food during transport. Last year, the company organised an employee food drive to collect basic foodstuffs.