A constant dialogue with all our stakeholders

Transparency, sharing and participation: we plan a sustainable future along with the communities that host us

The factor enabling the Edison's Sustainability Policy is the continuous dialogue with all our interlocutors internationally, nationally and locally. The future of energy and of our company passes through collaboration: that's why we identified strategies to involve our stakeholders more and more to define Edison's sustainability initiatives.

In constant dialogue with the communities

SDGs@Edison is our community of thought: a panel launched in 2018 to discuss with representatives of institutions, businesses, culture and the third sector, with innovators and new generations, on the challenges Edison is called to face for a sustainable development.

During the 2018 first meeting we shared and discussed our sustainability strategy with panelists, receiving helpful feedback to identify areas of action for our initiatives, while in the second we discussed how cities and homes can be inhabited more and more responsibly and on the consequences of the digital revolution in terms of access to technologies.

The first of the 2019 appointments instead aimed at understanding how financial leverage can be a useful tool for companies to foster energy transition, while the second focused on the themes of plurality and inclusion.

The CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition

A collective knowledge made up of good practices, results and ambitions. To share our experiences and listen to those of other companies, organizations and public institutions, we have been participating for seven years in the most important Italian event dedicated to sustainability.

In 2019 we had an ambitious goal: discussing with the new generations issues such as energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Edison Crowd: together for the energy transition

Edison Crowd is the channel where Edison offers all citizens the opportunity to become a protagonist of the energy transformation in their territory. In 2018, through crowdfunding, we allowed local populations to financially support two projects in the field of renewable sources and energy efficiency, recognizing interests in exchange.

The Palestro mini-hydroelectric power plant

The project, conceived by Edison in 2009 and authorized in 2016, materialized with the opening of construction works in February 2018 and will see entry into production in the second half of 2019. In just fifteen days, 250 thousand euros were collected to finance the power plant in Pavia province, which will produce renewable energy for over 4,500 Italian families and avoid CO2 emissions for 6,000 tons.

The Barge district heating network

The project involves the construction of a remote heating system designed to provide 7,600,000 kWh per year, corresponding to the air conditioning and domestic hot water needs of about 500 families, avoiding the emission of about 2,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Citizens had the opportunity to finance the initiative for a total amount of 100,000 euros.

Sustainability: making culture through culture

Edison, which has always been committed to support culture and excellence, has launched initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability in recent years in the fields of design, theater, cinema and music. We share our expertise supporting cultural institutions for a more efficient management of energy and their processes, with the aim of generating a positive environmental and social impact on the local communities.

Fondazione Eos

Vogliamo promuovere l’imprenditorialità tra le persone, finalizzata all’innovazione sociale. Cercare nuove soluzioni alle complessità, valorizzare le competenze e condividere risorse, capacità e idee, sono gli elementi cardine del nostro approccio.

Valorizziamo il talento sul territorio

Vogliamo essere leader nella transizione energetica e operare in maniera responsabile.

Per questo siamo impegnati nella promozione dei talenti a livello locale favorendo occasioni di formazione e condividendo le nostre esperienze e il nostro know-how.

Let's build together a sustainable energy future

Environmental protection, customer care and human resources, an increasingly sustainable energy

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