Edison and the preservation of biodiversity

Science and relations: safeguarding ecosystems listening to territories’ necessities

We conjugate competitiveness and sustainability, acting to preserve landscape and biodiversity. We control, monitorate and mitigate our societies’ impacts on the environment thanks to studies and scientific samplings, but not only this: we co-produce activities and initiatives to raise awareness among communities on the importance of the enivornment’s preservation.

Our approach on the safeguarding of biodiversity follows 3 main guidelines.

Environment’s safeguarding

Certificated monitoring systems and the best technologies in the emissions’ reduction are applied

Knowledge sharing

We activate formative and awareness initiatives on our people and our societies partners.

A lifelong dialogue

We work everyday with transparency, cultivating with care our relationship with local communities that host us

Tracciolino, energy and fascination

Strengthening the righteous pact with Lombard valleys, dialoguing with the communities living there and valuing our commitment to a sustainable development: in 2016 we gave new life to "Tracciolino", the tourist route in Valchiavenna between the municipalities of Verceia and Novate Mezzola.

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Nature and energy

Content landscape impactant and animal species’ safeguard interventions. Some stories of biodiversity safeguarding which involve our plants as protagonists.


The Pizzighettone mini hydroelectric plant represent an example of full territory integration in the surrounding area thanks to a structure in its almost totality inground. Furthermore, thanks to the “scala pesci” constructed on the right rivershore, it has been possible to enable the fish fauna to go up the waters thus ensuring the restoration in a stretch of the Adda that had been impoverished because of the water jump.


The wind farm of Crotone was constructed in a wide and uncultivated area, flora-less of trimming tall trees. To enhance the nesting of some species of birds, some little nest-houses have been located: raptors like Gheppio or coraciforms like the Sea Jay could benefit from these structures.


Based on a mapping on the italian territory of all our production sites, carried out to evaluate their vulnerability degree on the flora and fauna’s conditions, the Chievolis hydroelectric plant resulted as the one most insistently focused on a endangering territory for the naturalistic environment of particularly value. However, the specific in-depth research proved that our activities hadn’t compromised the status of the existing ecosystems.

San Benedetto Val di Sambro

We monitorate the flora and fauna’s conditions located near our plants, sharing these information with the Public administrations. This is what happens, for example, via our wind park in province of Bologna, which started its production in 1999, first example of sustainable wind energy production in North Italy.


Protection of the environment, customer care and human resources: an increasingly sustainable energy

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