Sarago Mare Oil Field (FM)

The Sarago Mare oil field is located 4 kilometers off the coast between the towns of Porto Civitanova and Porto Sant'Elpidio in the Marche region (central Italy) at 13m sea depth.

Sarago Mare Oil Field (FM)

The field was discovered in 1979 and currently has two active wells. The field consists of:

  • Sarago Mare 1 off-shore platform. This is a fixed structure located in the Adriatic Sea, 4 km off the coast of Civitanova Marche (MC, Italy), consisting of a reticular truss with four poles (8mx6m) to protect and support the bridge above sea level. The Sarago Mare 1 platform is connected to the Sarago Mare A platform by means of two underwater ducts (sea lines).
  • Sarago Mare A  (SRM A) off-shore platform. This is a fixed structure located in the Adriatic sea, 3 km off the coast of Porto S. Elpidio (FM, Italy). The SRM A platform is  a steel reticular truss consisting of a racket extending from the seabed to the sea surface, supported by eight poles drilled into the sea floor up to a 64-metre depth. The platform has four open wells and four closed wells, and is connected to the mainland facility in Maria a Mare, on the foreshore in of Fermo, by means of two underwater ducts (sea lines) and flow-lines. Crude oil is transferred to the mainland facility by means of pipelines. There, it undergoes treatment and is temporarily stored in reservoirs. The stored crude oil is subsequently measured, loaded on tank trucks and shipped to a refinery.

The Maria a Mare facility, located in the municipality of Fermo – Contrada da San Tommaso alle Paludi Capodarco – (Fermo), was built in 1977. Here is where the crude oil produced in the wells of Maria a Mare and Sarago Mare is collected. The facility consists mainly of structures used to extract, process, measure, store, load and ship (via road transport) the crude oil.

The wells in the Santa Maria a Mare field are connected to the Maria a Mare facility by means of a 4" wide flow-line. The equipment is mainly made up of: steering valves, safety and control devices, and Pig traps launchers and receivers (Pigs = devices used to clean the pipelines).

The oil produced in the Sarago field reaches the facility by travelling through a 8" wide, 10 km long sea-line. It is then separated and stored in reservoirs. 

Main features

Fermo, Marche (FM)



Operating since: 1982

Average expected production: about 1460 barrels/day

Grant situation: currently still

Number platforms: 2 SRM1 and SRMA

Number of wells: 6 (2 production, 4 closed)

Deep water: 13 m

Operator: Edison (85%) – GPI (15%)

Treatment and gas storage: Central of Maria a Mare