Santo Stefano Mare (CH)

This 93.19 square km concession is adjacent to the stretch of Adriatic coast extending from the mouth of the Sangro river and Punta Penna, a small area within the municipality of Vasto, in the Abruzzo region. The field was discovered in 1967. Production currently takes place through 7 wells located on 5 platforms. Production started in 1969. Only one well, labelled SSM 9d, is currently active. Three different sea lines connect the platforms to the mainland Santo Stefano Mare facility, which collects all the methane that is extracted.

Main features

off-shore Adriatico, Vasto (CH) Abruzzo



Operating since: 1969

Average expected production: occasional production of about 2.500 m3/day

Grant situation: currently in production

Number platforms: 5 (A,B,C,D,E)

Number of wells: 7

Operator: Edison (95%) – GPI (5%)

Treatment and gas storage: Central of Santo Stefano