Santa Maria a Mare Oil Field (FM)

The Santa Maria a Mare oil field is located between the towns of Porto Sant'Elpidio and Porto San Giorgio in Italy; two thirds of it are in the sea (B.C7.LF concession area), and the remaining third on mainland (Fiume Tenna concession area).

Santa Maria a Mare Oil Field (FM)

It was discovered in 1974. The wells are grouped into four clusters, and connected to the Maria a Mare treatment, storage and shipping facility by means of a 4" wide flowline. The field started operating in September 1975; after about fifteen years of inactivity, production operations were resumed in two of the wells, while the remaining ones were abandoned. 

Main features

Fermo, Marche (FM)

on-shore and off-shore


Operating since: 1975

Average expected production: about 170 barrels/day

Grant situation: currently in production

Number of wells: 11 (di cui 2 produttivi, 2 di iniezione e 7 chiusi minerariamente)

Operator: Edison (96,25%) – GPI (4,75%)

Treatment and gas storage: Central of Maria a Mare