San Giorgio Mare (FM)

The San Giorgio Mare field is located off-shore in the Adriatic sea, about 10 km off the town of Porto San Giorgio, in the Fermo district (Marche Region, central Italy), on seabed at a 20 metre depth. The field was discovered in 1968, and production started in 1973. The produced gas is collected in the San Giorgio facility.

San Giorgio Mare (FM)

The field consists of 3 platforms (SGM 3, SGM 6 e SGM C) and two wells, of which only one (SGM6) is still active. The gas is channeled to the “SGM C” collection platform by means of two 6" wide sea-lines, and subsequently transferred by means of a 10" wide sea line to the San Giorgio Mare facility where it is compressed and treated.

The SGM3, SGM6 e SGMC platforms have a four-legged structure which protects the well casing and supports the bridge above sea level. None of the three structures is equipped with shelters for the operating staff, as no processing plants are available on the platforms.  The SGMC platform is used to collect the gas produced on SGM 3 and SGM 6 and is therefore equipped with two 6" wide sea lines. 

The gas is then transferred to the San Giorgio Mare mainland facility by means of a 10" wide sea line. Sound and light signals on the platforms are fully compliant with the MARIFARI  regulations. Precisely, the platform is equipped with a remote control system connected to the San Giorgio Mare facility, to gauge processing and plant shutdown parameters (AGP). 

Main features

Fermo (FM), Marche

Operating since: 1973

Average expected production: circa 12000 m3/giorno

Cumulative production: 3423 Milions of Standard m3

Grant situation: currently in production

Number platforms: 3 (SGMC, SGM3 and SGM6)

Number of wells: 4 (1 is in production)

Deep water: 122 m

Operator: Edison (100%)

Treatment and gas storage: Central of Porto San Giorgio;