Rospo mare Oil Field (CH)

The Rospo Mare offshore field is located in the Adriatic sea, about 20 km off the Abruzzo coast, in 80 meters of water depth. In order to stop the decline of production the field was partially re-developed with two new infilling wells drilled from an existing platform.

Rospo mare Oil Field (CH)

Production facilities (Edison is operator with 62% in joint Venture with Eni at 38%) are installed on the offshore platforms Rospo Mare A-B-C which are 2 kilometers fare from the storage ship  FSO Alba Marina.

Main features

Adriatic sea, 12 Km east of Vasto (CH) in Abruzzo



Operating since:1982

Average expected production:about 5000 barrels/day

Grant situation: currently in production

Number platforms: 3 Rospo Mare A, B and C remote controlled from the central of Santo Stefano Mare (Torino di Sangro) and a ship gas storage (FSO Alba Marina)

Number of wells: 31 (30 are in production)

Deep water: 80 m

Operator: Edison (61,7%) – ENI (38,3%)

Treatment and gas storage: Platform Rospo Mare B, gas storage on FSO Alba Marina