Our logo

Adopted in 2016, our logo represents our belonging to EDF group.

1934 - 1884

Up until 1934 this trademark identified the Società Generale di Elettricità Sistema Edison and later Società Generale Edison di Elettricità.

logo 1884 Edison

1972 - 1966

This logo was created to represent the newly formed company Montecatini Edison Spa, established in 1966 from the merger of Montecatini and Edison.

logo 1966 Edison

1966 - 1934

This logo was introduced in 1934. In that year the company became Società Edison and went on to use this logo until 1966.

logo 1934 Edison

2016 - 2003

This logo was introduced in 2003 and was used until 2016.

Logo 2003 edison


2003 - 1972

This famous logo was created by the American company Landor to identify Montedison and the whole group. Introduced in 1972, it was used by Edison until 2003.

Logo 1972 edison