Officine Edison, sharing innovation

A place for innovation, research and development.

The space that will face the energy challenges by contaminating ideas is born thanks to our partnership with Polytechnic of Turin and local Public Administrations.

Facing the new challenges posed by climate change and socio-economic transformations with innovative and creative answers, able to seize new opportunities and anticipate the near future. This is the goal of Officine Edison, the result of a joint work with Polytechnic of Turin and local institutions.

Officine Edison are part of Energy Center, an initiative promoted by Polytechnic of Turin that, by aggregating various players in the industry, wants to support energy sector research, develop scenarios for the energy transition and promote new activities and business chains, through networking and information sharing.

Innovation, coworking and education: a place to build together a sustainable energy future.

"Officine Edison, and the Energy Center House hosting it, will become a model of how companies, institutions and academia can make a concrete contribution to energy transition, by leading our country towards a world that is increasingly low carbon and tailored to local communities and businesses."


Officine Edison activities


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the core of two projects by Officine Edison with Polytechnic of Turin: a building modeling process based on open data in partnership with the SmartData@PoliTO interdepartmental center and the modeling and industrial processes optimization of FCA plants by using machine learning techniques along with the Energy Center.


Again in collaboration with Polytechnic of Turin and a think tank made up of various industry players, Officine Edison is active in research to identify solutions related to energy and processes efficiency for businesses and to encourage the development of smart cities. Officine Edison also hosts the Energy Efficiency Campus, the Edison's hub devoted to energy efficiency.


Turin is the Edison hub for energy and environmental services. Indeed, Fenice, Comat Energia (active in biomass urban district heating in over 50 mountain communities in Piedmont) and Sersys (specialized in environmental services) are based in Piedmont.


Officine Edison hosts the lessons of the second level Master in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry, the course of study planned with Polytechnic of Turin aiming to train energy management professionals from the point of view of both efficiency and sustainability.

Edison and innovation
Edison and innovation

A membership of the Idinvest Partners investment fund, the support to innovation and startups, the research activity. This is how Edison is transforming by looking more and more to the future.