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Officine Edison Milano has been established, a site entirely dedicated to innovation and digital transformation where we are working closely with the Polihub’s leading start-ups to build a future of sustainable energy together.
Five digital rooms, where we are developing artificial intelligence systems in the service of renewable production and the development of innovative services for customers, and two laboratories dedicated to rechargeable batteries for domestic use and smarthome systems. These are the elements that make up Officine Edison Milano. 

Officine Edison Milano

The most innovative ideas can arise anywhere, at home, in the swimming pool, while waiting for the tube.
Now there is a place where they become reality.

The activities of Officine Edison Milano

Forecasting algorithms

We are studying machine-learning algorithms that allow us to forecast wind farm production and estimate in advance our customers’ demand for gas. To do it, we cross-reference historical data, meteorological information and real time data from our installations.

Smart compressors

The generation of compressed air is the basis for many industrial processes, that’s why we have studied a mathematical model that, by analysing the historical operational data and cross-referencing them with environmental data, can find the perfect combination of power of the compressors at any time.

Smart meter 2g

The introduction of intelligent meters has made available a large mass of data regarding how and when families consume electricity. Starting with these data, we have created algorithms able to identify different types of consumption so that we can present our customers with ad hoc offers based on their actual use of electricity.

User Experience Design

Officine Edison Milano is also at work to guarantee current and possible future customers the simplest and most enjoyable interaction at any stage, from signing a supply contract to relations with the assistance services. To do this, we analyse all points of interaction, identifying the critical points on which to take action.


A company is often characterised by a large number of repetitive actions of low added value; artificial intelligence and bots can take over these activities, leaving us more time for thinking with high cognitive content. Unlike other projects, this does not have a defined time span but is continuous and across-the-board of all the corporate processes. 


There are two research laboratories within Officine, the first entirely dedicated to storage systems for domestic use coupled with photovoltaic systems; the second is used for testing IoT and smarthome tools. The aim of these laboratories is to analyse the actual performance of IoT devices, batteries and technologies and identify the best models to offer our customers.

The AGILE method

At Officine Edison, we use the AGILE working method, an innovative project management model that involves creating independent and multidisciplinary working groups that develop projects by creating prototypes and models that can be tested in the field in the shortest time possible.
This working model, created in the world of IT and software houses, is very effective in stimulating creativity and innovative thinking.

Innovative work spaces

Officine Edison marks the effective transition to the Open Innovation culture: we are leaving the isolated laboratory to go back to working side-by-side with the Academy and its talent, the start-ups. An “artisanal” work, in the workshop, of prototyping and rapid testing of solutions in support of our businesses.

GIOVANNI BRIANZA - Vice President and Director of Strategy, Corporate Development & Innovation.

Edison and innovation

Membership of the Idinvest Partners investment fund, the promotion of innovation and start-ups, research activity. This is how Edison is transforming itself, always looking to the future.

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