Monte del galletto Wind Farm (BO)

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The wind farm is located in Monte del Galletto, within the municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro (BO), about 1.5 km away from the residential area.

It is located on the ample, wild ridge of a hill, with no tall trees and the typical soil of the Apennine region; the area is mostly covered in low bushes, while the slopes of the mountain are mostly wooded. 

The wind farm in Monte del Galletto has been operating since 1999; it consists of 10 single-blade wind turbines, each expressing a capacity of 0.35 MW, adding up to a total installed capacity of 3.5 MW.

The energy produced by each wind turbine is collected at Medium Voltage, by means of an underground cable network. An underground transmits to the main ENEL grid, at the Medium Voltage service drop (energy is delivered at 15 kV).

Main features

San Benedetto Val di Sambro (BO)
3,5 MW