Melissa - Strongoli Wind Farm (KR)

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The facility consists of 25 triblade wind turbines, each of which expressing 2 MW unitary capacity, adding up to a total of 50 MW. The energy produced at Low Voltage (LV) by the generator of each wind turbine is transferred to the control panels and the transformer within the tower to be converted from LV to MV (30,000 V).

The electricity produced by each wind turbine is collected at MV by means of an underground cable network.
An underground duct connects the MV/LV cabins, and then goes on to the Electrical Station in Strongoli (KR), where the energy is transformed and enters the public grid at 150 kV voltage.

Main features

Serra del Petraro, Comune di Strongoli (KR)
50 MW

The facility is located in the area of Serra Melissa, within the municipality of Melissa (KR), and in the area of Serra del Petraro, within the Municipality of  Strongoli (KR). The ridge of the hill is ample, wild, and there are no tall trees. The soil is typical for the Apennine region.