Lead Independent Director

Following EDF’s assumption of control of the Company, in October 2012, the Board of Directors identified a Lead Independent Director from among the Independent Directors, to be entrusted with the tasks indicated in the Code.This decision was taken because, in interpreting the Code with a substantive approach, the Board found that the requirements for such an appointment did exist at the time, due to the fact that the Chairman of Edison’s Board of Directors also served as EDF’s Chairman and General Manager. This choice was also confirmed by the Board of Directors, which was held after the Shareholders’ Meeting convened in 2019 to elect the current Board of Directors and continued to do so after Marc Benayoun was elected Chairman. The Board of Directors at a meeting held after the Shareholders’ Meeting of April 2, 2019, that elected the Board of Directors currently in office, has appointed to that role, the independent director Paolo di Benedetto.