Geochemistry laboratory

The Geochemistry Laboratory deals with the analysis of all three reservoir fluids (gas, oil, water) for the determination of bulk properties and composition.
Analysis techniques provide critical input to reservoir simulation models and help to optimize processing facility designs.

Fluid samples also provide information needed to help with flow assurance management, for example through the assessment of foam formation tendency during water-oil-gas separation or the inhibition of hydrates precipitation.

The laboratory is equipped for routine and specialized analysis of organic and inorganic compounds using procedures and analytical methods which are in compliance with internationally recognized and approved standards.

The high resolving power of Gas Chromatography makes it a major analytical tool for characterizing the very complex mixtures that constitute natural gas and petroleum products. The laboratory includes other advanced analytical equipment, such as an inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrophotometer for metal trace detection, an UV-Spectrophotometer and a thermogravimetric analyzer with differential scanning calorimeter.

The laboratory is also dedicated to the study of environmental issues associated with oil production, with particular attention to the characterization of oil spills remediation technologies.