Our commitment to gender equality

Since the time of Maria Artini, Italy's first electrical engineer, Edison rewards talent and participation of women.

The successful story of Maria Artini

Our commitment to promote gender equality begins in 1919 with Maria Artini, the first Italian woman to graduate in electrical engineering at Polytechnic of Milan.

Immediately after graduating, she started working at Edison covering managerial roles and collaborating in designing and realising the country's first ultra-high voltage (130 kV) power line, the Brugherio-Parma.

From 1936 to 1946 she organized and headed Edison's statistics office, dealing again with ultra-high voltage power lines.

Challenging inequalities for a greener future

Edison joins the Equal by 30 campaign, launched by the International Energy Agency (IEA) to promote gender equality in companies, research, institutions. An endeavor pursued alongside national governments and global energy giants.

In the energy transition era, building a more green and sustainable future also involves fighting against inequalities: more inclusion means more growth opportunities for all.

The path to equal opportunities

On July, 6 2020 we hosted the fifth Business & SDGs High Level Meeting by Global Compact Network Italia, the annual meeting of the United Nations Italian network.

Together with 26 CEOs of large and medium-sized companies, we shared visions, experiences and actions to achieve female full participation in every sphere of working and economic life.

There is still a long way to go in Italy: our country is only 76th in the latest Global Gender Gap Report.

The Time of Women: how to be reborn from a crisis?

For the fifth year we have collaborated with Corriere della Sera at The Time of Women: the 2020 edition topic was the regenerative force that can arise from a crisis, due in particular to the contribution of women and youths. Our "Garage of Ideas" was an opportunity to discuss it together.

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Our people are the energy changing everything

Edison's 2019 Non-Financial Statement sets 10 targets for a sustainable development: promoting Diversity is among these, thanks to a balanced selection and growth process, which will gradually strengthen the presence of women at a management level.


Let's build together a sustainable energy future

Now our Mentorship program, created to support the career path of women at Edison, opens up to all business dimensions: senior managers share their experiences, skills and vision for the future with their colleagues.