Energy and environmental services

We have been always supplying electricity to Italian business, supporting their successes and helping them to achieve results.

We have always promoted innovation and research, making these an integral part of our offer to ensure that energy plays an important role in helping companies to boost their competitiveness and, as a result, strengthen or launch their presence in the international markets. The companies we work with have been able to boost their performance and quality levels, grow without adding to the burden of costs and see results from their investment. Energy efficiency is a key tool in helping to improve the environmental context in which a company operates and to boost their social acceptability.

Edison’s experience in the energy sector, the skills we’ve built up in the field of energy efficiency, our ability to build and manage assets for biggest clients through Fenice and its specialism in environmental services allow us to share the benefits that stem from belonging to the EDF Group, which also owns large companies such as Citelum in Italy.

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