What if a question enlightened our road
to the future?

Two words that could take us far

“What if...?”. These are just two simple words, nevertheless they hold an extraordinary value/worthiness. That is the beginning of questions able to strike the imagination and open up to new points of view and ideas. Questions regarding the future of each one of us, and which we of Edison will never stop asking ourselves, since it’s just by trying to answer them that we’ll be able to find what we are searching for: a way to build a better and sustainable tomorrow together.

Always asking new questions: a bridge between past and future

As Thomas Alva Edison, by which our founder, the engineer Giuseppe Colombo, inspired himself, we are also always asking brand new questions to ourselves. Questions which lead us to never stop and face the different themes linked to renewable sources and sustainability in the best possible way. Questions with which we want to open up to the collectivity, in order to involve it in the making of a tomorrow which could be really tailored for everyone.

The importance of reaching/reach everyone

At the same time, our questions regarding sustainability and renewable sources are simple, straightforward and involving, adaptable to the various formats, both online and offline: starting from the video communication, the daily press’ pages, until the digital formats. All of this, in order to obtain an important goal: to reach and involve most people as possible.

Towards the energy transition

We are working towards bringing the renewable sources energy generation up to 40% of our production within 2030. To achieve this, we work on sustainable mobility, energy and environmental services, aiming at the eolic, photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants activation.

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Hydroelectric power plants


Wind farms

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Photovoltaic fields

6.445 MW

Renewable sources’ installed power

A 360-degree commitment

Our roots emerge from water: the first power plants of the Country were created thanks to the rivers’ action. Then, the wind planted/sowed our dreams for a more sustainable future, by lending its power to obtain clean energy. Finally, to light up this journey towards energy transition, came the sun, to which we entrusted ourselves to lay the foundations of the photovoltaic basis in Italy. The journey is still long ahead, but together we can achieve much/make it far.