Edison's commitment

The new frontiers of sustainable development

Building a sustainable energy future together: this is the essence of the vision and mission of Edison as we keep pace with the changing energy sector.

Edison believes that sustainability should be an integral part of business and a driver for long-term value creation. Thanks to an approach based on constructive dialogue with stakeholders, we are able to carefully analyse the impacts we generate and take advantage of the best opportunities for shared growth.

This enables us to reconcile the objectives of profitability and growth with efficiency, operative excellence, business risk prevention, the protection of the environment, the development of the communities in which Edison operates, personal health and safety, human rights, ethics, transparency and inclusion.

This commitment, which stands alongside EDF’s Sustainable Development Goals, will be set out in the updated Edison Sustainable Development Policy. This will contain specific targets designed to demonstrate Edison’s contribution to meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.