Edison: changes in the Executive Commitee

Milan, November 11, 2021 - Edison announces changes to its Executive Committee, the body responsible of the managerial governance of the Company, effective November 15, 2021.

In particular, Giovanni Brianza leaves the position of Director of Strategy, Corporate Development & Innovation and assumes the leadership of the Energy & Environmental Services Market Division, operating in Italy and in some European markets at the service of companies and Public Administration.

At the same time, Lorenzo Mottura assumes the leadership of the Strategy, Corporate Development & Innovation Division, which is responsible for the Company's strategic activities, hubs dedicated to innovation and research and digital transformation initiatives.

The new composition of Edison's Executive Committee in force since November 15, 2021 is therefore constituted as follows:
Nicola Monti Chief Executive Officer, Pier Giuseppe Biandrino Director Legal & Corporate Affairs, Giovanni Brianza Director Energy & Environmental Services Market; Didier Calvez Chief Financial Officer; Giorgio Colombo Director Human Resources & ICT; Fabio Dubini Director Gas&Power Portfolio Management & Optimization; Maurizio Malusardi Director of Engineering; Fabrizio Mattana Director of Gas Assets; Lorenzo Mottura Director of Strategy, Corporate Development & Innovation; Cristina Parenti Director of Communication & External Relations; Marco Peruzzi Director of Institutional Affairs, Regulatory & Climate Change; Massimo Quaglini Director Gas&Power Market, Marco Stangalino Director Power Asset.

Barbara Terenghi CEO Office Director and Chief Sustainability Officer coordinates the operations of the Executive Committee.

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