Development and Training

Sviluppo e formazione

We believe in the continuous training of our people, recognition of performance and the valorisation of talent in all its forms. We support every employee in the development of their professional and managerial capabilities through training, performance management and talent management programmes.


Everybody has the chance to develop its skills in an innovative results-targeted environment, based on transparent and objective dialogue between manager and employees. Those who show management potential can strengthen their managerial skills through training and development programmes to help them tackle future business challenges.


We promote the personal growth of our employees through specific professional and managerial courses.


78.000 hours of training a year of which 6.648 done by the Market Accademy.


We strongly invest in the managerial, professional and technical education of all its employees, part with the direct involvement of its managers and skilled experts.

Edison invests in the managerial, professional and technical education. We fully develop the talent of our people through an integrated system of development and empowerment which rewards on-the-job growth.

We run specific programmes to:

  • Add value to the performance of our people with a system that values and rewards results and practices coherent with Edison's managerial policy
  • Identify and develop managerial growth potential through specific talent management programmes
  • Offer career support with individual development plans and intensive business courses such as the Master in Energy Business & Utilities and international programmes at EDF Corporate University

Our managerial model is based on 8 key skills which each individual is expected to develop:

For new hires we run "Young Community" programme for the first 3 years designed to encourage networking and the development of an extended vision of the company and the business.


Moreover, Edison decided to invest in customer service creating the Market Academy. The Academy has designed an innovative and dynamic training program to help employees grow professionally in the “Sales area”.