Culture of sustainability

Culture is fragile, a precious expression and driver of identity, history, values and skills. This is why the issue of sustainable development must be inextricable linked to those of culture and education.

In recent years, we have worked hard to make first cinema and then music more sustainable through projects such as Edison Green Movie and Edison Green Music.

The direction followed by Edison shows how dialogue and the sharing of skills and knowledge between different people are vital to achieving tangible, viable results.

In keeping with this spirit, Edison has launched a project with the ASK Research Centre at the Bocconi University. At its heart is a systematic organisational schedule for moments of dialogue with organisations and regions in order to share best practices and identify solutions for promoting sustainability in the cultural sphere.

Edison Green Movie

Launched in 2011, Edison Green Movie is one of the first initiatives in Europe working for the production of sustainable cinematography. The project consists of a practical guide which indicates the best ways to promote and pursue energy saving and environmental sustainability during the organisation and shooting phases of any film.

It’s not just about offsetting CO2 emissions. Instead, the project encourages a total rethink of cinematographic production, encompassing issues such as energy consumption, transport, choosing materials, managing waste, catering, internal communications and the various forms of hospitality. The overriding objective is to use resources in an intelligent way.

This not only has benefits for the environment but also for the local area, thanks to the collaborations and skills that are born out of this approach. There are all economic benefits for cinematographic productions.

The Edison Green Movie approach was applied to Paolo Virzì’s Human Capital, Ermanno Olmi’s Greenery Will Bloom Again, and Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo’s The Rich, the Pauper and the Butler, with harmful emissions reduced by at least 20%.

The guidelines, which were originally designed for cinematographic productions, also proved useful when applied to local Film Commissions.

In July 2015, Edison signed an agreement with the Italian Film Commission to promote and implement the guidelines by raising awareness and working with local Film Commissions, in addition to creating a cross-party work group to coordinate and develop the project. The agreement and subsequent work in promoting the protocol led to the creation of local guidelines and the launch of the first formal collaboration, in Piedmont.


Edison Green Music

In the music industry, it is not production that has the greatest impact, but live performances: concerts.

After listening to various figures active in organising musical events and undertaking an analysis of the activities and processes, Edison drew up a special set of guidelines known as Edison Green Music. These were successfully tested at the Festa della Musica held in Rome’s Piazza Farnese on 21 June 2016.