A year that exceeded expectations

An effective, sustainable strategy

After a 2020 severely impacted by the pandemic and declining energy consumption, 2021 saw a strong economic recovery. A new beginning that – together with the strategic repositioning of the company on energy transition activities – allowed us to close the year with a marked growth of all economic indicators and an excellent performance across all businesses.

"At Edison, every day we become the energy that changes everything together."

Nicola Monti, Edison's CEO, commented on the Group's positive performance.

€ 431 million

Net income from continuing operations* in 2021, up from € 19 million in 2020

+ 44,6%

The increase in EBITDA, up to € 989 million from € 684 million in the previous year.

€ 11,739 million

Sales revenues earned by the Edison Group in financial year 2021, up 83.7% compared with the previous year

Asset 17

€ 104 million

Net debt at 31 December 2021, down from € 520 million the previous year

* Financial performance indicators calculated on continuing operations exclude the contribution of E&P activities, classified as discontinued operations.

We generate our energy in an increasingly sustainable way

In 2021 we continued to lead Italy's energy transition by redoubling our commitment to constant reduction of CO2 emissions. We are the second-largest wind power operator in Italy with a renewable park with an installed capacity of 1.1 GW (excluding hydroelectric installed capacity) and we inaugurated the first integrated logistic chain for the supply and distribution of liquefied natural gas, making maritime mobility and heavy road transport more sustainable.

Our commitment to wind power

Sustainable transport with small-scale LNG

We create value for all our customers and the communities in which we operate

Over the past year we continued to work to foster an increasingly trusting relationship with our consumers. Accordingly, we have signed a historic agreement with other energy companies and various national consumer associations with the aim of relaunching joint negotiations and consolidating dialogue between companies and consumer associations.

In the energy efficiency services market, we continued to develop our range and launched a digital solution for reducing energy expenditure in industrial and service sector buildings through our partnership with Enerbrain.

The Joint Negotiation Agreement

Smart building: the partnership with Enerbrain

Hydrogen: our commitment to innovation

In 2021 we worked to promote the use of hydrogen for the decarbonization of heavy industry and transport and to contribute to the creation of an Italian supply chain in this sector. We signed a letter of intent with Snam and Tenaris to introduce green hydrogen into some of the production processes at Tenaris' steel plant in Dalmine. We aim to develop the Puglia Green Hydrogen Valley with Snam, Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen.

Steel production with green hydrogen in Dalmine

The Green Hydrogen Valley Project in Puglia