Sustainability priorities

Climate change

Edison firmly believes that adopting a sustainable energy mix with a low carbon content, increasing the use of energy efficiency programs and adequately supporting research for innovative technologies are key elements for winning the global challenges posed by climate change.

Edison intends to address with determination the issue of climate change and shares the vision presented in the European Union’s E,U, 2020 Program of a strategy based on new synergies between the social, economic and industrial stakeholders for the achievement of more sustainable development.

Moreover, the Company’s well-established collaborative relationship with European Union’s institutions in the effort to define climate-change objectives was further strengthened by the presentation of a position paper that states the Company’s vision with regard to these issues that were be discussed also at the United Nation Conference on Sustainable Development (that took place on  Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.

In 2011, Edison continued to provide its contribution to the fight against climate change, giving concrete form to its commitment through the implementation of various projects. Significant examples include: expansion of energy production from renewable sources, research and innovation for technologies with a low environmental impact, and, through the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Business Unit, support to industrial customers for a rational use of energy resources and renewable-source production. The results of these efforts were a reduction in the level of specific CO2 emissions by power plants and an increase in the contribution provided by renewable sources to Edison’s generating mix.

Protecting Biodiversity

The preservation of healthy ecosystems helps mitigate the impact of the climate. Edison has chosen to adopt a clear approach in this area. In 2011, the International Biodiversity Year, Edison, consistent with an action plan to manage and protect biodiversity in the areas where it operates, developed a methodology to analyze biodiversity levels at its operating locations, aimed at defining concrete objectives for managing and maintaining its performance level.

The protection of health and safety in the workplace

The adoption of management systems that comply with international standards (BS OHSAS 18001) demonstrates the Group’s determination to go beyond mere regulatory compliance, promoting a policy of continuous improvement with a beneficial impact on the development of a culture of safety at all levels of the organization.

Focus on end customers

Edison will continue to invest in research to develop new energy conservation solutions for its customers, offering services that are respectful of the environment and designed for a responsible use of energy.

Local Communities

Edison is strongly committed to strengthening its ties with its host communities. Discussion forums, an ongoing dialog with all parties involved and a lasting relationship with the local stakeholders are the tools of this process, of which Edison has been a trailblazer in Italy, particularly in terms of its ability to listen to and involve the host communities in the shared development of new projects.

Partnership with associations

Edison views partnering with non-profit associations as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility strategy.  In 2009, the Company established a Committee charged with evaluating socially beneficial projects and address the need to develop specific guidelines, take a proactive approach in the identification of socially beneficial projects and make the entire process transparent.

Last update: 28/05/2013
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Edison’s mission is to supply its customers with energy and high-quality services.

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