History of our sustainability

A continuous commitment since 1883 to nowadays

Date Event
1881 Giuseppe Colombo founds the Committee to Promote the Use of Electric Power in Italy in Milan. The Committee will become Società Generale Italiana di Elettricità Sistema Edison in 1884.
1883 Santa Radegonda, Europe’s first power plant capable of distributing a continuous supply of electric power begins to operate in Milan.
1898 The Bertini power plant in Paderno d’Adda is commissioned. The plant was the most powerful in Europe and second in the world only to T. Edison’s Niagara power plant.
1931 Edison begins to supply natural gas to homes in Milan.
1953 To provide service to its electric power and natural gas customers, Edison establishes the 8830 telephone service.
1963 Italian electric utilities are nationalized.
1966 The merger with Montecatini creates Montedison.
1990 A new National Energy Plan allows private-sector companies to build new power plants, provided they use ecocompatible technologies.
1992 Between 1992 and 1998, Edison introduces to Italy the combined-cycle technology for power plants fueled with natural gas. It is the most efficient power generation technology available and has the lowest environmental impact.
1993 The Edison Research Center opens in Trofarello (TO).
1994 Edison publishes its first Environmental Report.
1996 Edison commissions its first wind farm. The farm is located in Casone Romano, in the municipality of Castelnuovo della Daunia, province of Foggia.
1997 Edison’s Bussi power plant is the first facility in Italy to receive environmental certification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.
1997 The CET 3 power plant in Taranto, which was commissioned in the summer of 1997, is the first facility in the world to use, on an industrial scale, a combined-cycle system fueled with recycled gas taken from the neighboring steel mill complex.
1999 Sarmato is the first thermoelectric power plant in Italy to receive EMAS registration.
2002 Edison Energie Speciali (wind power generation) is the first organization in Italy to receive multi-site EMAS registration.
2003 The Code of Ethics is approved.
2004 Edison publishes the first edition of its Sustainability Report and approves the 231 Organizational Model.
2005 Edison joins the Global Compact.
2007 A 400-MW turbogas power plant fuelled with a mixture that includes “lean” natural gas from local deposits is commissioned in Candela (FG). The steam generated by the facility is used to heat about 150 acres of greenhouses built by a local floricultural business.
2008 Publication of the Sustainable Development Policy. A Sustainable Development Business Unit is established.
2009 A Corporate Responsibility Department is established and Edison publishes a Human Rights Policy. Elpedison Power, Greece’s second largest electric power operator, is created.
2010 Start of the project to adopt the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard. 
Edison establishes a working group on human rights.
2011 Start of the project to adopt the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard. Edison establishes a working group on human rights.
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